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the word gay is actually an acronym


actually doesn’t mind if

you’re gay










stop adding your own acronyms to this it was beautiful and now it’s not


Actually doesn’t mind if we add acronyms because 


im going to vomit on you

Gooby dooby

At yo booby

Yooby booby dooby




So I broke my headphones on Friday which sucks because it meant that I didn’t have any music to get me through the bus ride home.

There I was with nothing but my thoughts to keep me entertained and as usual I kept going back to Harry Potter, more specifically to last week’s Alohomora episode, which led me back to all the Harry Potter movies they’ve been showing on TV lately.

I was thinking about HPSS, that scene when Harry takes Hedwig outside and she flies over Hogwarts in the winter and then my phone rang…  I took it out and turns out nobody had called!  I just heard Hedwig’s song in my head so clearly and so loud that I actually thought my phone was ringing!

No way I’m changing my ringtone after that… hahahahahaha

smothered lungs fighting to breath

tainted air filled with neglect

thoughts polluted by poisoned words

falsehoods draped in verities

learning to swim in an ocean of insouciance

deflecting missiles at every turn

the hollow within is growing

outpoured through droplets of sorrow and regret

ego and shame mixed together

battling for control

a damaged mind unbound

ravaging anything, everything

Okay, como en mi casa nunca hay pan. O mas bien, con el devorador de Daniel cerca si uno quiere pan tiene que ser el primero en agarrar en la noche cuando lo llegan a dejar porque de plano en la mañana ya no hay.

Desde hace tiempo he estado buscando alguna receta no muy dificil para hacer pan en la casa. Me tope con este video de Crafty Gemini y me parecio no tan complicado.

Hoy voy a intentar hacerlo y si todo sale bien, voy a postear la versión en español del paso a paso, solo que sin video porque creo que no estoy lista para eso… hahaha

Day 2 - Tattoos & piercings

I don’t have any tattoos, so there’s nothing to say about that.

I once pierced my nose and my belly button but it didn’t turn out so well.  I kept touching my belly and in the end had to remove the ring because it got infected and had to lose the nose ring because I started working and it was frowned upon.

My parents weren’t too thrilled with them either way so I guess it was a relief for my dad when it got infected and had to take it off.  It was really cool though.  The ring was in the shape of an eye, so for a couple of weeks my belly would stare back at you…

…. I’m so old!

Day 1- Your middle name and how you feel about it

Whenever I’m filling out a form and they ask for a middle name there is a small part of me that always feel bad about leaving it blank.  Mainly it’s because the person reading the form I just completed will always ask:  ”Don’t you have a middle name?” in such and incredulous tone that I find utterly disgusting.  Like they could not imagine anyone going about life without the advantages of a middle name.

I’ve always wanted to reply something like “Well, I do actually, but I thought I would leave it blank because some things you better keep to yourself”  But somehow I am unable to say such a thing, because my parents taught me to respect others no matter how stupid they might be.

I just don’t see what the advantage of having a middle name would be.  Maybe I could get to choose what people may call me, but I do that anyway.  I will accept Nat, or Naty.  I however refuse to answer to Natalie as that is not my name.

One of the advantages of having only one name is that the effect of your mother calling you by your full name in a moment of anger was somewhat diminished since it sounded like a teacher going through attendance.

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